Star Wars/Mass Effect Crossover/Mashup Fan Art
I guess I can’t stop mashing up Mass Effect with my other favorite fandoms and there is no bigger fandom for me than Star Wars. I’ve also read where some say elements of Mass Effect were originally supposed to be for KOTOR III which I can totally see so I wanted to try my take on it. Like my Avengers, Community and Pacific Rim Mass Effect Crossovers I like to try matching characters that would best match or would just be a cool idea. Utilizing the photoshop digital art style I did previously with my clone wars fan art I ran with the similarities in the two universes I thought the Force would be comparable to Biotics and Jedi were sort of like Spectres so I went from there and I started with my favorite character Obi-Wan and thought he was much like Admiral Anderson the mentor to Shepard and from there I thought Saren visually would be a good match to Darth Maul. Garrus and Wrex were never smugglers but I thought pairing them up as a Han and Chewie would be fun because they are just as beloved and the ball went rolling from there with Liara, Legion, EDI, and the Illusive Man.  (and if you want a FemShep version Leia Skyshepard is coming soon also)  I do this for fun to blow off creative steam in a fun so I hope no one takes these ultra seriously. I hope you have as much fun with these as I did creating them and for the latest updates please follow me on here or on  twitter, facebook and instagram. For all the new updates and artwork please visit obiruskenobi.wordpress.com May the Force be with You!



How do you win, you ask?

Reblog the headcanon prompt post (coming tomorrow!) with your response. At the end of the month, the mods will pick their top 3 favorites. Winners will receive a Dragon Age novel of their choice (Last Flight is on pre-order at this time). 

Responses must:

Site 5 codex entries
Quote 2 party banters/dialogues
MLA Formatting
Be double spaced, size 12 font, with page numbers in the top right corner
(just kidding)
Be as serious/silly/long/short/detailed/canon/AU as you want! The point is to make us yell “Headcanon accepted!” when we read yours.


  • Must be following Dragon Age Headcanons.
  • One reblog/response per person.
  • No side blogs, giveaway blogs, or empty blogs to ensure one entry per person.
  • Gotta be willing to give us your mailing address. The books will be mailed directly to you.
  • I am 95% sure we can ship internationally. If there are problems shipping to you, we’ll work something out.
  • You can update/edit/change your post up until the deadline! Once the contests ends, we’ll go through the responses and pick.
  • Deadline: August 1, 2014.
  • Go wild!

Its almost time for DAI. I am so psyched out. I have replayed all the DA games again. Is it October yet??!!!! DA is the best game and book ever.