How do you win, you ask?

Reblog the headcanon prompt post (found here) with your response. At the end of the month, the mods will pick their top 3 favorites. Winners will receive a Dragon Age novel of their choice (Last Flight is on pre-order at this time). 

Responses must:

Site 5 codex entries
Quote 2 party banters/dialogues
MLA Formatting
Be double spaced, size 12 font, with page numbers in the top right corner
(just kidding)
Be as serious/silly/long/short/detailed/canon/AU as you want! The point is to make us yell “Headcanon accepted!” when we read yours.


  • Must be following Dragon Age Headcanons.
  • One reblog/response per person.
  • No side blogs, giveaway blogs, or empty blogs to ensure one entry per person.
  • Gotta be willing to give us your mailing address. The books will be mailed directly to you.
  • I am 95% sure we can ship internationally. If there are problems shipping to you, we’ll work something out.
  • You can update/edit/change your post up until the deadline! Once the contests ends, we’ll go through the responses and pick.
  • Deadline: August 1, 2014.
  • Go wild!

Just a couple days left! Get your responses in by this Friday, August 1st for a chance to win!

Andrastea bride of the maker guide them to picking me as one of the winners. Maker give me strength  and patience to wait for Dragon Age Inquistion. For  the love of the Maker please pick me!!!!